We help organizations design impactful data strategies and data governance frameworks. 

We bring our expertise around open data and open government to the public and social sector. We help governments, nonprofits, and funders design strategies to increase the availability and utility of their data. We also provide strategic support to multi-stakeholder data initiatives on their institutional arrangements and governance frameworks.  

Our unique approach ensures that your organization will develop the necessary capacity and culture to execute your own impactful data-sharing and data-governance strategies.

Our approach


A data strategy should help advance your mission. We help you align your strategy to better accomplish your organizational goals.


We engage with your stakeholders to understand relevant use cases and needs around data.


Our “open dialogue” approach involves stakeholder capacity-building, to ensure they are equipped to provide meaningful feedback.


We conduct targeted research to better understand the data policies and practices in your field.

Some organizations we've worked with include...

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The Canadian Space Agency has mandate to comply with and fulfil the Treasury Board Secretariat’s (TBS) Directive on Open Government. Powered by Data was hired to provide strategic advice and guidance on CSA’s open data and information publishing practices.  Our set of recommendations was informed by a two-stage consultation with potential users of CSA data assets, as well as a research review of data-sharing practices from six comparable space agencies. 

Open government and digital strategy consultation with Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage is currently co-leading the Government of Canada’s Open Government commitments to enhance access to culture & heritage collections, and to increase transparency of grants and contributions funding. We conducted two consultations for Canadian Heritage to help them better understand stakeholder needs, identify use cases, prioritize datasets, and determine best practices for carrying out these commitments in their open government strategy and digital strategy. 

Recommendations on long-term institutional arrangements for the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is a global initiative that aims to increase access to, and use of, data on international aid spending. PBD was contracted by the Government of Canada—the chair of the Governing Board of IATI—to provide a set of recommended options for long-term institutional arrangements of IATI. Our recommendations encompassed issues such as membership, funding, governance structure, secretariat, and transitional arrangements.

Developing a data strategy for ontario's nonprofit sector

We worked with the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) to develop a data strategy for the nonprofit sector in Ontario. The strategy document outlines the need for: open data standards, an enabling policy environment, data capacity and skills development in the sector, and leadership from a critical mass of organizations to help develop and pilot data-driven initiatives.

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