Writeup of OKCon

Matt O’Reilly from the Indigo Trust (an important organization it the open data and philanthropy space that we'll be talking about later) posted a short writeup of the Open Knowledge Conference in which we participated last month. Happily, he singled us out as one of the examples of progress. "The sheer volume and availability of data is creating rich pickings for tech companies, start-ups and others. As choice and availability increase, so too do uncertainty and indecision. Among the morass of data, it becomes increasingly hard to find what you actually want or need. Companies have realised this and are starting to offer paid services that build on the basics of open data. In Canada, for example, Ajah takes publicly available data from a number of different sources, crunch and analyse it to produce a useful, meaningful service for charity fundraisers, foundations and others."

Thanks, Matt!

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