When it rains, it pours ... open data about the non-profit sector

As if the recent changes made by the CRA weren't enough of an early holiday present for us now the BC open data team recently added a dataset about BC grantmaking to their open data portal. It contains approximately 30,000 grants and gaming licenses made to BC non-profits. Gaming Grants Paid to Community Organizations - Historical Report (by community) - April 1, 2007 to March 31, 2012

We requested this dataset back in early 2012 and, as result of the ensuing conversation, they ended up interviewing us for their blog:

Profile of an Open Data Developer: Ajah Fundtracker’s Michael Lenczner

Thanks DataBC. We promise to put the results of your hard work to good use! And if you want to whisper to your colleagues at the British Columbia Lottery Corporation that we would appreciate it if they could start thinking abou tracking and publishing the charity and incorporation numbers of their grant recipients, just like their British counterparts, we would love you even more.

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