"We're number one!" a.k.a Canada' leadership position in regards to non-profit data.

It's a little-known fact that Canada is the leader in the quantity and quality of the data about its non-profit sector. We're trying to change that. A blog entry we wrote for the federal government open data website just made it online. In English: Canada - a World Leader in Non-profit Data

En français: Le Canada : chef de file mondial en gestion des données sur le secteur sans but lucratif

We are very happy to have the opportunity to help to get the word out about this tremendous advantage we have compared to other countries. Onwards and upwards!

These developments have made Canada the clear leader in the quantity and quality of information available about its non-profit sector. Considering the size and importance of the non-profit sector, and growing recognition of the importance of using data to drive innovation questions, this is a tremendous accomplishment. It presents Canadians with substantial opportunities.


As Canadians, we need to capitalize on the lead we have in this area. We should be developing our expertise in using data domestically to build a smarter social sector and we should export that expertise internationally—as policy-makers, as researchers, as civil society organizations, and as businesses.