PoweredbyData named one of top innovations in global philanthropy

We are very proud to have been named as one of the top ten innovations in global philanthropy by NPC in the UK. You can read more about in their press release, as well as access the report. It’s exciting to see our work being recognized, and we even more excited to keep working on our projects.

A new report from think tank NPC recommends 10 philanthropic innovations from around the globe. ‘New and improved’ philanthropy could be introduced to the UK to drive up investment in social causes and make better use of money already invested.

Published today (8 October) 10 innovations in global philanthropy examines top philanthropic trends from across the world, and highlights new ideas and initiatives from across Europe, Australasia and the Americas. Each is recommended for adoption or expansion in the UK, to help philanthropists and foundations keep pace with demand for their funds.

In addition, we have been trying to get Canada's leadership in this area recognized, and we are glad to see it included in the report:

The UK and Canada are leading the way in open data. The Canada Revenue Agency collects and publishes detailed financial, HR, and activity-level information about Canadian charities annually, and makes it available in machine-readable and manipulable format. This makes it easier for companies like Ajah—experts in open and ‘big’ data—to integrate it with other data streams to share information on the non-profit sector.

That CRA data was one of the datasets we lobbied to have released, and it's a key block of the non profit open data stack. Stay tuned for more information on that.

You can read the rest of the press release on the NPC site. You can read the full report here.


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