Launched! A new landscape tool to help the sector find out who is doing what

We’re excited to present a new tool that we have built with support from Community Foundations Canada and the Ontario Trillium Foundation. We presented the tool during a session at the CKX summit yesterday, and now we are releasing it as a free publicly available resource. The tool is for everyone who needs to find out who is doing what in their geographic or issue area. We’ve collected data from multiple funders on the projects they are supporting, and presented it in a interface that can be searched by keyword, city, province and other criteria. Do you want to know what youth projects are happening in your region? Or find out who is focused on capacity? You can use the tool to answer those questions.


We wanted to give the sector access to information they could use for landscape mapping, and we expect it to help increase collaboration by helping organizations find similar projects, as well as help reduce duplication of effort in the sector.

We also wanted to show funders the importance and value of their grantmaking data — this information is manually gathered from multiple sources, and it only becomes truly useful when it can be gathered and presented together. If funders can share their grant-making data in a standard way, then tools like this can be easily built and the sector as a whole benefits.

We hope to continue to add data sources to the tool and adding new features it, so keep checking in and using it.

You can see the tool here:

We are excited to talk about different applications for this data, so don’t hesitate to touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

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