Data and evidence-based grantmaking: Our new series with Philanthropic Foundations Canada

This week, we released the first issue brief in our new series of learning materials on data and evidence-based grantmaking, created in collaboration with Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC).  This introductory document, Effective Giving: Using data to inform philanthropy, walks Canadian funders through the opportunity to use data in each stage of grantmaking.

The document discusses how funders can use data to answer questions such as: What causes and nonprofits should I be funding? Does my giving portfolio have a social impact? Are the needs of beneficiaries being met?

PFC cover.png

The issue brief also discusses:

  • Challenges funders face in accessing the data needed for evidence-based decisions: We highlight barriers that currently prevent funders from making data-informed decisions—such as a lack of readily available data on Canadian grantmaking and limited nonprofit research capacity

  • How shared infrastructure can help funders access the data they need: We explore shared infrastructure solutions that connect existing data between stakeholders to provide funders with the information they need—such as standards for open grants data, and platforms for accessing government data to evaluate nonprofit beneficiary outcomes.


This brief was created in partnership with Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC). PFC is a member association of Canadian grantmaking foundations, charitable organizations and corporate giving programs—which focuses on public policy, thought leadership, and creating opportunities for its members to learn from one another. You can download this report, as well as other resources from PFC, on their resources webpage

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Lorraine Chuen