Report back on the Data 4 Impact Workshop at CODS17

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Our Technical Director, Jesse Bourns, recently travelled to CODS17 in Edmonton. Prior to the conference, he co-presented the Data 4 Impact Workshop. The workshop was designed to raise awareness of the value of data sharing at the organizational and sector level and to provide frameworks that would be helpful to organizations in the development of plans to enable the effective use of data.

The objective of the workshop was to increase sector capacity by providing techniques and tools for participants to understand, collect and use data in their organizations. It covered different perspectives on open data, the data spectrum and data lifecycle but also included discussions and exercises on the topics discussed.  

A report back has been put together to share the knowledge, discussions and feedback from the workshop. You can read that here:


The presentation used in the workshop is available here and the results of the post-workshop survey are available here.

Nick Salter