Administrative Data Policy Coalition - Progress report

Progress Report Cover Page

In the Canadian context, there has been no coordinated policy agenda for increasing social impact through administrative data use. In exploring the possibility of such an agenda, we need to explore what different use cases could look like, address important questions around privacy, security, autonomy and consent, and draw on best practices for mitigating these risks.

Powered by Data is convening a coalition of over forty civil society organizations (funders, service providers, and advocacy groups) to develop a shared Canadian policy agenda around nonprofit access to administrative data. We have explored the issue through civil society roundtables, through interviews with nonprofit service providers and advocacy groups, and through desktop research on the administrative data reuse landscape in Canada.

In 2019, we plan to formally launch a civil society coalition, which will work together to develop a list of shared principles and policy agenda. We will confirm a governance framework that strives for equitable decision-making.

Our activities, progress, and learnings from 2018 are summarized in a progress report.