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The Canada Council and the Benefits of Publishing Open Grant Data

This past summer, we wrote about the increasing number of funders joining the open data movement by publishing their grant data in an open format. These funders were joining the open data “dance party” started by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and followed by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Powered by Data announces the launch of Transform the Sector

Transform the Sector is a one-day conference taking place on February 23rd at the MaRS Centre in Toronto, Ontario. This conference is an opportunity to build the digital data capacity of social sector organizations in Canada. It is the first stop on the Do Good Data / Data on Purpose world tour launched by the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society’s Digital Civil Society Lab and Do Good Data.

Why we are celebrating Prime Minister Trudeau's shirtless summer vacation

Has our Prime Minister’s recent summer vacation taken Canadian transparency to a new level? Spotted by a Peterborough family emerging from a cave shirtless, our prime minister’s chiseled abs have been covered by national and international media alike. Here’s a list of what has got us wanting to take our own shirts off and run into the wide open Canadian wilderness.


How open data innovations can transform Canada’s international aid

We don't often talk about this, but part of Powered by Data’s original inspiration was an important innovation in international development — the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). As a Canadian organization devoted to developing our nonprofit sector’s data infrastructure, it’s easy to get caught up with our work here.  But it's important for us to discuss international best practices — especially when they are applicable back home.

Celebrating the Federal Government's OGP Commitments

One of our objectives is to create an enabling data environment for the nonprofit sector. This means making sure all of the different stakeholders in the sector have access to the data they need to make informed decisions.

We have made some great strides over the past three years. Datasets we have helped to “liberate” include the Canadian Revenue Agency T3010 tax forms, gaming records of the BC government, and granting records of several key funders in Canada.

Now we have a new item to add to that list.